The 62nd birthday of Pakistan

Oleh: saksher
August 13, 2009

Not sure what it was like exactly 62 years before; what a farmer was thinking of new country who lost land in partition, what were the feelings of 7 year old girl whose father is killed just a week before and her mother is trying to tell her that they would be moving to new village in Pakistan, I wonder what would a mother felt for this new born nation who lost her only son killed by sikhs, I wonder what father would be thinking of future of his new born son, I wonder what the independence fighter was thinking at this time and I wonder………….. what Quaid-i-Azam would have been thinking.?

Is this the country they all looked and scarafice for…? Is this the president we wished to have for this country? Is this the state of affairs we wanted for our country and for us?

So many question could be raised and yet the answer would be simple…. I JUST LOVE THIS COUNTRY.. not matter what it has to offer… Our love to this country is like a monther’s love for his only child…

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