Just missed heaven.. Twice

Oleh: saksher
December 17, 2009

Today, Saqi007 first showed us the path to heaven and then when he was about to take us there, decided to steer the wheel just enough that we missed to direct flight to heaven… (though I’m not sure if we gonna get direct flight or some connecting ones :D )

Now the exact details: today me, Saqi007 and Bhatti were traveling on RIV1800 to attend one of afridi’s proud son and our colleague, Tahir Afridi (I doubt if anyone be proud of him besides himself or Suleman) On our way, we were going at high speed touching 80km/hour on single road, when suddenly out of no where (like in every Pakistani road) a steep road depression appears and for some reason, Saqi007 decided to steer car wheel to left where on road side, there wasn’t any protection.. when we were about to loss control of car and take direct flight to heaven on Hazrat Israel’s hands, he decided not to give us honor and corrected the mistake… RIV being a namak-halal car, responded, and with little skid, saved us from not lossing control and going off road in ditch..

The beauty of this trip wasn’t that we missed the heavenly trip once but twice… both the time, brilliant Saqi007 tried and then failed to give me and Bhatti (you can not define Bhatti in simple words, he is nice and courageous fellow with a wonderful heart)

Ohh one more thing, if you plan to go to Terbella, please be sure that you gonna encounter speed breaker after every 5KM, so don’t get frustrated.. and one more thing, no suicider can reach there as he gonna blew himself up on one of these speed breakers… :D

By the way, the best fish I’ve ever eaten is from a road-side hotel there… If you ever go there, do try their BBQ Fish.

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  • ASIF

    Thanks to Saqi the great who made this trip unforgettable.

    Terbella DAM is located in Haripur district of Hazara Division of North-West Frontier Province about 50 km (31 mi) northwest of Islamabad, at height of 485 ft (148 m) above the river bed. Reservoir size of some 95 sq mi (250 km2) makes it the largest earth filled dam in the world.

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