And Yes, Apple did it again…

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January 29, 2010

Why these Apple guys don’t stop impressing me… Recently a new buzz was around especially in tech community that how Apple going to stop Amazon from selling more Kindles (already sold over 2.3 million so far and plan to ship another 4 million for year 2010).

After seeing the new Apple tool – iPad with multi-touch screen, one could easy comment on iPad sale and it’s effect on Kindle. I could see the difference in terms of user experience and superior technology which iPad is bringing in this domain. Apple is taking book reading to new level, improving multi-touch accuracy, incorporating back lighting with LED with IPS technology (which is premium display technology), with efficiency up-to 10 hours battery time.

The iPad obviously does more—games, music, email, video and yes books. The iPad is aimed at netbooks and e-readers. As they say, “the best way to experience the web, email, photos, and video. Hands down”. You can now access over 140,000 Apps availalbe on AppStore.

In simple, when something exceed your ability to understand how it works, it sort of become magical and that’s exactly what the iPad is… (SVP, Design – Apple)

You must see the official iPad video, .

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  • Muhammad

    First I would like to thank you for putting such an intellectual information regarding Apple's product.

    well I am a great fan of Apple company since last year when i had seen some attractive features. The best thing I like the most is their interesting and innovative solutions which they introduce from time to time.

    Expect to have more from you:)

  • ASIF

    Thats really amazing. The product speaks for itself and I know Apple Ipad would soon dominate the market. Lets see what other competitors have to do about it.

  • S A M Shirazi.

    Thanks for your feedback, which is always appreciated and you surely expect new articles on different IT and non-IT related subjects.

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