Why a General is more Influential than a Politician

Oleh: saksher
February 19, 2010

I was reading an article and there was reference of Gen. Kayani (Pakistan Army Chief) as one of the most influential person in 2010, he was rated over US President Barack Obama. I’m personally in favor of a dictator running Pakistan who at least gives us right of speech, expression and justice, at least for the time our nation is educated enough and we’ve enough swing votes in polls that we, as a nation, can throw anyone out in next elections, if they don’t deliver what is promised.

And I’m not sure if this time will ever come in my life-time… So what I’ve to settle for now? The fact of the matter is, I, along with millions of so-called educated citizens of Pakistan are confused, absolutely confused. Even though we convince ourselves everyday that we’ve the absolute key for changing fate of this nation (only if I’m giving power to run it)… Ironic, isn’t it… So we’re not settling less than having everything first in our hands and then we’ll share our vision with fellow countrymen.

You know what this proves: this only proofs one thing, we’re absolute coward and 3rd-class citizens… and we don’t deserve to be calling ourselves 1st-class citizens and that’s why, whenever get any chance, we would sell our skins/souls to get painted as 3rd-class citizen of any developed country… Believe me, we can give tons of reason for this as well.

And this is why, a general is still more influential than a politician as he at least he stands for something.

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