A trip to Peshawar and Tribal Area!

Oleh: saksher
May 3, 2010

3 weeks back, I planned a trip to Peshawar along with Sohail and Tahir for Billie’s wedding, at last he is getting married (I wish him best wishes for a very happy life). I was to be picked up by Sohail and as usual, he was late.. We stayed there in Army mess and later that night attended Billie’s Barat, he looked surprisingly smart with traditional Pushtoon turban. :)

Next day, we decided to go for a trip to Peshawar bara market and I will recommend anyone to go there with any fear especially those who’re looking for good quality stuff at cheap rates. It’s the nearest you can get to smuggled stuff in legal way so if you’re there in Peshawar, go to bara and do visit that “sitara market” (it’s at the end of bara and just after 100 yards ahead, the tribal belt starts – Jumrod to be specific). I found that market the rich place with so ma ny replicas of almost every thing. I bought few knifes, gazettes and some tools at very reasonable price. I must say the price of these items in Islamabad might be 2 or 3 times. I later went there yesterday with Asghar bhai and Sohail, this time we actually spend good time in bara shopping, there is lot to buy from this place, we’re able to identify few good places for different purchases and hopefully going to get much better price from these shopkeepers in next visit.

In last visit, we went to tribal area as well with Tahir’s cousin. We didn’t get the chance to go far as we have a brave company with us – Sohail.. We entered in Jumrod agency and for first time in my life, I get the opportunity to see Khyber gate (for more information about Khyber pass, visit ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khyber_Pass ) it’s a very nice place to visit only if you don’t have fear of being kidnapped or tortured to death or eaten alive by pathans ;-) . We, being Pakistanis need so much positive publicizing to come back to the stage where foreigners start taking as normal human beings..

In my opinions, Pakhtoons are very honest and brave nation, they’ve a such a huge pride of being Pakhtoons that one can’t even express in right way. They’re traditionalist, remarkable hosts, amazing friends, unmatched fighting force and above all loyal to his family which no other in part can be… and I’m sure they must have same feeling for their land too (that’s why no one has ever able to ruled them). Tahir cousin took us to the ride and showed us around, everyone there was holding a gun or had it under his shirt. They’re brave people and maybe the reason is that they feel they’ve nothing to lose.. the only thing, they fear to lose is their “pride and self-respect” and that’s why they die over dishonor.

In simple, if I’ve to tell someone to go to tribal area or not… I would say, it’s must place to visit but as they say, “while in Rome, do what the Romans do”… so make sure you wear and look like them and don’t act like one who disrespect them.

Have a safe journey there.. I’m sure you’ll and do share your experience with me.

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  • Asif

    This is really interesting. Though I have not often been to Peshawar but by reading thid Blog it feels like one is there himself.

    Its really an amazing blend of adventure and information. Really good one. And the writer has done it once again. At least I am really impressed by your stunning writing talents. All Hats Off to Saksher.

  • Muhammad

    The perception I had about this place changed (not entirely) but to some extent after going through your blog. It must have been as nice as I felt while reading it. I am no more scared, hoohahahaha….but that doesn’t mean if I plan to go there, I’ll go alone….no way!!! Besides all this, your blogs have always been inspirational to me.

  • Bilalkhann

    I thnik one should never form an opinion about a nation or place beofre visiting it or getting adequate information. I will suggest everyone to go and see for yourself and get a new experience. I'm sure that no one will regret it.

  • Anonymous

    I've agree with Bilal unless you're not kidnapped for ransom.. :D No, actually they're good people to talk and live with.

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